Rest / by Dave Herring

I began to realize in the latter part of 2018 was that I don’t rest well. I don’t mean sleep, but true rest. I try to work hard, not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I give my life and all that I do to my work. Let me clarify that by work, I don’t just mean the things that provide my income. This same characteristic applies to all things I’m doing in my life.

But I don’t rest well when I’m in my down time. I realized that I was taking my down time to rest my body but disengage my mind and heart. I would spend days off lounging around, shutting down, and trying to recharge my physical body as much as possible. But what it produced in me was a mental exhaustion that was never rested and never restored. It was never satisfied. It was never full.

So I began to take my non-work time and engage my heart & soul first, mind second, and body last. What this has translated to in practicality is engaging the things my heart and soul desire and need first.

My heart and soul need adventure. I need to pioneer. I need to get into the woods, the mountains, the ocean. My heart and soul need quiet sunrises and sunsets.

My mind needs my hobbies and passions. To exercise and embrace my creativity. To write. To capture moments. To play music.

And while my body needs rest, I’ve found that if my heart, soul, and mind are recharged, my body tends to follow.

So I’m traveling. I’m adventure seeking. I’m capturing moments. I’m writing. I’m playing music. I’m recharging my heart & soul, mind, and body. I’m doing it daily, weekly, monthly, etc. I’m finding the rhythm for myself that doesn’t let me get even half empty so I can keep giving myself everyone else, and everything in my life the very best of me.

If you’ve got tips for rest (heart, soul, mind, spirit, or any other rest) please share it with me! And maybe tag someone who needs some rest and recharge in their life.