Generosity / by Dave Herring

Let’s talk about generosity. It’s a cultural value I want to be known for. It’s something I actively pursue with my daily life. I use to try to do one generous thing a day, but keeping count felt legalistic, so now I just try to be generous in the opportunities I can be. But I want to share the why. I realized two important things would happen if I embraced generosity.

First, it would make sure my heart is always willing to let go of “things.” That can be time, money, possessions, or even ideas and actions. You can be just as generous giving your ideas to others as you can buying someones lunch. I never want to have a great attachment to things. I don’t even like to spend my money on things, rather experiences that lead to memories. And I like to share memories with others, so I try to make sure to remove barriers.

Second, when you are generous (and therefore known for generosity), you communicate your care for others. And communicating care gives you a voice. I want to be influential in areas of my life that I feel I can be helpful, but if I have no voice with others, how can I influence them? Generosity is an open door. It allows you access to the deeper parts of the heart and mind.

And I absolutely love generous companies. There is a wave of companies out there that are profitable and generous. This is the economy at its finest. The blanket wrapped around @grayribbon in this picture is from @heartprintthreads. For every blanket they sell, they give one to someone in need. They are living out generosity as a company.

I encourage you to show someone generosity this week.