The Moment / by Dave Herring

This was the moment that I fell in love again.

It started in 2004, when I bought a Nikon D50. I outgrew it fairly quickly and in 2006 I picked up a Nikon D80. I traveled alot and took alot of adventure pics…most of them not too great. When a stretch of hardship hit in 2009, the cameras were gone and I was only shooting with my phone. Then in 2011, I bought a Nikon D3100. I never fell in love with that camera, though.

So I mostly stuck to the old rule… the best camera is the one you have with you. And for the next 7 years, the camera I had with me was my phone. @grayribbon and I traveled coast to coast over this season of our lives, and we took so many pictures on our phones. I shared alot of them early on in this Instagram feed.

But last November, we went to the #pnw, and I borrowed a Canon 6D and a 50mm prime lens. I put the camera in manual mode, and spent that trip carrying it around. It felt great having a camera in my hands again. But something really clicked when I stood on the crest of Ecola State Park looking towards Cannon Beach. The scene was magnificent. I stood there just in awe for a few minutes. I could feel the cool breeze off of the Pacific hitting the mountains and bouncing back on us. There was mist and salt in the air. 

I lifted the camera to my eye, snapped this picture, and looked at the viewfinder. It was epic. And now, every time I look at this photo, I remember this moment. I don’t just recall it visually, I can feel the moment. And that feeling is the moment I fell in love with the camera again.

My grandfather died in 2016, and at his funeral were many photo albums that people could look through. Pictures of moments are really the only things that will be passed on. Photos are time-capsules into our lives, moments, and memories. One day I hope my children cherish the moments I’m capturing. I’ve included in this post my edit, the original, and a few more pics from this moment I fell in love with the camera.