Beauty and Adversity / by Dave Herring

Two things greatly affect the heart: beauty and adversity.

This was shared with me a decade ago when my life completely fell apart, and I ended up losing nearly all I had. I ended up spending some time in recovery at a ranch in Colorado, where I got to focus only on me, my story and mistakes, and begin writing a new story. Not a new chapter, but a new story. Here I am a decade later, with this incredible story still being written today. It’s a story full of life, love, happiness, and joy. It’s a mystery. It’s a thriller. It’s a tragedy. It’s a romantic comedy. It’s adventure and it’s an epic narrative.

Adversity changes us, yes. It shapes us, and makes us become people we weren’t necessarily destined to be. But beauty changes us too. Too many of us have too much adversity and not enough beauty. I’m pursuing beauty with all that I can these days.